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Our Mission: To proclaim, uphold, preserve and defend the historical, theological, and biblical foundations of the Christian faith through biblical, theological, polemical, and apologetic research, writing and teaching.

The Biblical Christ Research Institute (TBCRI) exists to equip the layperson for more diligent service to Jesus Christ and His church. TBCRI is not a contrivance of men to engineer something ‘new’. Nor are we desirous to find a niche. Through the means of providing theological instruction and writing, we aim to uphold the honor of Christ in light of the attacks against His person, from within and without. If you would like to contact us, it would be our privilege to hear from you. Please email us at or visit our website at

Servants for the Truth,

Doron Gladden – Founder

Mike Wellen

Chris Williams

Matthew Lawrence

Eric Powers

  1. Dear Doron Gladden,

    I am very glad to discover your biblical discernment ministry.

    I entreat you to alerted to three things re Rick Warren, who is another clear and present danger to the church because his Purpose Driven Global Peace Plan disenfranchises and dismembers Christian saints and churches whom he calls “enemies of the 21st Century” and “Sanballats from Hell” who now have NO church:


    2. View this just-released film documentary investigation on Rick Warren produced by Elliott Nesch:

    3. Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan includes Muslims see this film documentary:

    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist


  2. Hello James,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree most wholeheartedly concerning Rick Warren and his friends.

    May the Lord bless your work in His name.

    Your fellow servant,

    Doron Gladden

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  3. Doron,

    I have added this blog to my blogroll at my blogspot blog, The Pedestrian Christian. I look forward to your work and efforts in the area of discernment and sound doctrine. I have published a few articles over the past year or two regarding Thabiti Anyabwile that may be of interest to you. In any case, may God add to your work.


  4. Enoch Anti permalink

    A very clear-cut mission. These words particularly caught my attention “BCRI is not a contrivance of men to engineer something ‘new’.” Sadly, that has become the agenda of the day for many who claim to call on the name of the Lord. A ‘new’ revelation, a ‘new’ word…and many are led astray from the one and only true gospel.

    Grace to you as you labour in the strength of our King and Saviour Christ Jesus who loved us and gave Himself as a ransom for our sins to reconcile us into God the Father. Bless you.


  5. Orrin Jay permalink

    My email update to you on Rick Warren’s marketing fraud and false advertisings on his PDL book bounced. Do you have one that is current that I can use?

    Thank you!


    James Sundquist


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